The Right Removalist For The Job – Removalist in Melbourne

One of the most annoying things and probably one of the things that we would not like to happen is moving from one house to another. And in worst cases, to different state, or even outside of the country. How do we get rid of it and instead spend our time to things that needs priority?

Let the Removalist in Melbourne take care of that for you.

It is the right decision to let professionals do the daunting tasks for you during your move from one house to another. However, you can’t just hire a removal company right away without even assessing it. Observe the employees, workplace if possible, and the types of transportation they use if they have a trusted service.

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Here are a few things to consider during your home transfer: 


Asking for a quote is simple, but very important. When asking for a quote. Make sure that there are no extra or hidden charges, if they are gonna be charging you hourly or by task, and if they can give you a better price for all the tasks you need done.


Despite the fact that Removalist in Melbourne have their own standards of handling things, things can sometimes get out of their control. It is important that you secure an insurance or look for removal company who has insurance as one of their services.


Before leaving the rest of the task to the removalists, it’s your job to organize your belongings before they are even placed in the truck. By doing so, it will be much easier for the movers to move your things around. Have your things packed in a way that it’s not too heavy for them to carry around.


One of the most important services that a removal company would offer is a storage service. It can be useful while you are still deciding where and what to move, to have things stored in a safe manner. Make sure they have:

  • clean rooms
  • 24/7 secured with security personnel
  • big spaces to accommodate a variety of properties
  • unique set of keys that only the owners have access

Looking for a Melbourne Removalist? Give Dez Removals a try and you would not want to look for another!

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Top Interstate Removalist – Best Removalists in Australia

Planning an interstate or international move? Well, it can be a very challenging task. Especially when you don’t know where to find someone responsible enough to handle the most daunting tasks of “moving” from one place to the other. Why don’t you try an Interstate Removalist?

I posted this article to at least help those who are still in question and those who don’t know where to go to for handling these moving tasks. Today, I’ll be giving you a list of my top 3 removalists in Australia.

First, let’s define what a “Removalist” is?

Here’s a very simple definition from Wikipedia.

Interstate Removalist in Melbourne - Dez Removals
A picture of removalist carrying a piano.

“A moving company, removalist, or van line is a company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another.”

There you go.

These guys help you out really well in handling the most difficult tasks when planning an interstate, some even international move. They do their best in helping you out and to give you a hassle-free experience. In short, Removalists.

This is just based on my own opinion, but there are a lot of people who also says the same and pretty much have the same ranking as I do. Anyway, these are all based in Australia and based on what I have reviewed so far, these interstate removalists in Australia are pretty popular these days. Let’s have a look who these guys are.

Here’s my Top 3:

  1. Dez Removals
  2. Prestige Moving
  3. Melbourne City Movers

1. Dez Removals

Interstate Removalist in Melbourne - Dez Removals

These guys are awesome. They offer a wide variety of services such as Commercial Removal, Interstate Removals, Furniture Removal, Home/Office Removal, and Packing and Wrapping. They also offer a great Storage Service which we are sure could totally accommodate your valuables while you are left undecided. They abide by the system of transparency and accountability where everything happens in a planned and coordinated way.

When things get out of control, they have Insurance that will guarantee you a reasonable value should there be a mishap while your things are on transit. Well, nothing is perfect but Dez Removals gives you the best services possible. Read more>>

  1. Prestige Moving

Prestige Movers

I considered this to be one of my top 3 as they also have great service with a slight difference from the first mentioned above. Also, unlike other Removal Companies they only charge “Door to Door” meaning you don’t pay for travel time from and to our depot, the hourly rate simply commences upon arrival at your premises and concludes once the delivery is complete.

They also offer Local Furniture Removal, Commercial & Corporate Relocations, Office Furniture, Relocations, Antique Furniture, Piano’s & Pool Tables, and more. This guy is good in short. Read more>>

  1. Melbourne City Movers

Melbourne City Movers

An unwavering, completely qualified and experienced team shape the foundation of this organization, furnished with expert instruments and hardware to take care of business to the most noteworthy standard and fulfillment conceivable. They highly esteem quality workmanship, guaranteeing all evacuations work stands separated and perceived. In any case, don’t just simply take their statement for it, ask to see some from their moved houses through the years.

They offer Furniture Removals, Packing & Unpacking, Piano moving, Pool table moving, Moving House. Read more>>

And, that would be all folks. Hope I helped out even a tiny bit for those who had a hard time choosing a perfect fit for them.


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Looking for a Melbourne Removalist? Give Dez Removals a try and you would not want to look for another!

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